We had a Verizon project with a strict 24-hour turnaround time. In full panic mode, we called on Tony to take a crack at a very cumbersome, three-minute instructional voiceover (gulp!). Needless to say, he exceeded our expectations by delivering an amazing, varied performance and did it in a matter of hours. Now when executives watch the piece, the first thing they ask is, “Who’s voice is that? He’s great.” We agree.

Tony is as good as it gets and we feel lucky to have him in our corner for future…well…everything.

Steven Armstrong and David Armstrong, Owner, UAG Phone Cases and Television Editor / Producer

Tony is a true professional and a pleasure to work alongside for voice over and video work. He has perfect tonality in his voice that makes it easy for people to understand his spoken words. We used him for a series of product installation videos and were pleased with his ability to work with the product and his arrival on set prepared with lines memorized – takes were minimized and production time was quick thanks to his preparation.

Sharon Vessels, Director of Marketing, NDS Inc.

Working with Tony is fantastic. As a director, I love the euphoric feeling of working with actors who not only show up early, but truly love the craft. Tony clearly loves the craft of acting and creating a fictional world for characters to live in, and I cannot wait for the future to work with him again.

Jared Black, Director, Delirium

I have had the pleasure to work with Tony on multiple sets in the last few years. One thing with Tony is that I can ALWAYS count on him, for multiple reasons. He is always early to production, always prepared to do his job and to do it well, and he does it so effortlessly that it makes my job easier than it should be. For these reasons alone, Tony is consistently a valued asset to my projects.

Ben Shani, Producer, Delirium

Tony works hard to make sure that he is prepared for each taping. He’s reliable, professional and talented. I’ve never seen him get flustered when I make additional requests of him. I always look forward to working with Tony because I know I’ll get the shots I need.”

Chris Vaughn, Video Production Director, NDS Inc.

Tony is a complete pro! Always willing to take direction and try different variations. He’s been a productive addition to many of our productions and I highly recommend him for any voice-over needs.

Nick Longo, Executive Producer, Delirium; Chief Creative Officer, Longo Designs