I’m a voice over artist (aka: I ‘do voices’) providing services to corporations, video game companies, filmmakers, audiobook companies, advertisers and the masses all over the United States. My voice has been described as ranging from

warm, friendly and genuine to…

hi-energy, animated and comical to…

epic, deep, brooding, and dramatic.

My voice used to be described as squeaky and crackly as well but, mercifully, puberty ended about nine years ago.

I welcome direction with open arms and vocal chords, always aiming to capture the exact tone, mood and “flavor” perfect for your project.

Voice-Over Services:

  • Voice-Over Narration for Videos of All Genres
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Training Videos
  • Character Voicing in Animation & Video Games
  • Audiobooks
  • Corporate Phone Greetings & IVR
  • Spokesperson (On- and Off-Camera)
  • Video Blogging
  • YouTube Video Productions

File Delivery

I deliver files via DropBox, WeTransfer or good old-fashioned email if the file is small enough (.aiff / .wav / .mp3 / .m4a (AAC) / GSM 6.10 WAV (mobile) / .wma). I use a state-of-the-art Audio Technica microphone in a sound-isolated booth.

Additional Services

I’m also a screen actor, appearing in feature films, in television commercials, as well as on-camera presentation for corporate videos. Similar to my voice-over habits, I take direction well and always strive to find the Truth in the moment – whether it’s Truth in Advertising or Truth in Character, I’ll find it.

Key Strengths

  • Take direction well
  • Work with clients to achieve desired tonality
  • All-American look which translates well into on-camera work
  • Strong technical aptitude – good at understanding product operation and assembly
  • Experience directing and videotaping – understand what works well on-screen and in voice-over

On-Camera / On-Screen Services:

  • Character Acting
  • Commercial Acting
  • On-Camera Personality for Videos
  • Training Video Demonstration
  • Do-It-Yourself acting for product demonstration, assembly or operation

Take a look at my demos and see/hear how I can make your product look & sound like the polished and attention-grabbing creation you know it to be.

Like what you hear and see? Great! Let me save you some time then. If you’re interested in having my voice over your next project, check out my pricing.